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Our Mission

mamoq was born from a simple desire to better understand the things we buy, and ultimately feel good about buying them.

Our Choice

We choose to support brands that respect our planet and its people because we shouldn’t have to compromise on ethics for style.
By choosing to support brands like this,
we welcome a mindful fashion revolution.

Curated by Bel Jacobs

We love to know what people look for when they shop, and this time we have the pleasure of presenting former fashion editor and ethical fashion activist Bel Jacobs' favourite pieces on Mamoq.

“I love the energy and vibrancy of African prints - even more so when they’re actually produced in Africa, rather than re-imagined by some high street chain.”

Bel, Bel Jacobs

Our Values 

Our clothes should be a source of pride, not guilt!  Check out the icons below so you can begin curating your closet to align with your values. 

Editors Picks
Sculptor Culottes Sculptor Culottes
Special Price £75.00 Regular Price £150.00
Bella Midi Dress -  Black Bella Midi Dress - Black
The Mini - Black ALL LEATHER The Mini - Black ALL LEATHER
Black & White Rolltop Backpack Black & White Rolltop Backpack
Cassie Shirt- Maroon Cassie Shirt- Maroon
Special Price £69.00 Regular Price £145.00
Throw it On Oversized Sweatshirt Throw it On Oversized Sweatshirt
Fairway Trousers Alpine Green Fairway Trousers Alpine Green

New In
"San Jacinto" Black Kimono-Kaftan Suit "San Jacinto" Black Kimono-Kaftan Suit
"Two Bunch Palms" Beige Kaftan "Two Bunch Palms" Beige Kaftan
"Two Bunch Palms" Blue Kaftan "Two Bunch Palms" Blue Kaftan
"Coachella" White Dress "Coachella" White Dress
Socotra 7/8 denim jeans Socotra 7/8 denim jeans
Tintagel cover up Tintagel cover up
Special Price £42.00 Regular Price £60.00
Verdon utility jumpsuit Verdon utility jumpsuit
Waimea T-shirt Waimea T-shirt
Waimea T-shirt Waimea T-shirt
Wavona shirt Wavona shirt
Yosemite jacket Yosemite jacket
Zhangye hoodie Zhangye hoodie

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