LOFS creates the ultimate Mediterranean sneaker combining comfort, street style and social responsibility.

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Elvis & Kresse

Elvis and Kresse create a range of timeless and functional accessories using decommissioned fire hoses and other up-cycled materials.

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Jutelaune offers traditional Spanish footwear handcrafted on the island of Menorca.

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Mayamiko combines contemporary design with traditional African patterns and techniques.

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Semura’s sustainably crafted bags combine style and function with a playful flair.

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The Salvage

The Salvage creates flexible active wear from recycled plastic bottles.

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Rakha reinvents classic and contemporary designs that can be worn day to night, season to season.

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Veryan offers beautiful simplicity with a focus on detail and high-quality fabrics.

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True Boxers

True Boxers combines style and function creating durable cotton boxer shorts with fun prints and flair.

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SideRoot is a Swedish family-run business challenging the conventions of modern-day eyewear.

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MYMARINI creates fair, lasting and quality swimsuits that are durable enough for the most adventurous of swimmers.

Know The Origin

Know The Origin creates 100% traceable Fairtrade and organic essentials for a layered, versatile wardrobe.

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Kipepeo promotes primary school education in Tanzania by showcasing the artwork of Tanzanian school children in every design.

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Resole makes colourful sneakers out of up-cycled fabrics sourced from old buses, trains and trams.

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Ethical lingerie inspired by nature and made with care.

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Qnoop is a sustainable sock wear label that guarantees your socks will always stay a pair.

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Issara works closely with artisans in India and Indonesia to create minimalist, long-lasting leather accessories.

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RubyMoon creates eco-friendly swimwear that supports female entrepreneurs in the developing world.

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La Petite Mort

La Petite Mort offers a thoughtful collection of organic, handmade basics with a story.

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Rhumaa brings together art and fashion by creating unique collections inspired by the original work of South African artists.

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KIKS uses upcycled materials to create functional jackets that combine Scandinavian minimalism with practical design.

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Teller works with women in rural Rajasthan to make limited edition, handmade pieces.

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Where Does It Come From?

Where Does It Come From? promotes extreme transparency through their range of completely traceable shirts and scarves.

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Tales of Thread

Tales of Thread creates limited edition, hand-printed loungewear that provides high quality employment for women in Ghana.

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Lyme Terrace

Lyme Terrace offers relaxed, timeless designs for the modern man.

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Ted & Bessie

Ted & Bessie creates sustainable knitwear from their own farm of alpacas in England.

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Independent Fox

Independent Fox offers sleek ‘PETA-Approved Vegan’ sneakers perfect for everyday wear.

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Elsien Gringhuis

Elsien Gringhuis offers a timeless collection of made-to-order pieces handmade in their studio in the Netherlands.

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Flock By Nature

Flock By Nature offers a relaxed knitwear collection from high quality natural wools.

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Zola Amour

Zola Amour creates timeless designs by hand in their studio in the UK.

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Votch offers minimalistic PETA-approved vegan watches that can be worn by both men and women.

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KEMP GADEGÅRD offers a minimalist yet playful collection from high quality natural materials.

Younited Cultures

Younited Cultures makes stories wearable by offering collections celebrating the successes of migrants.

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Tuhkana creates playful swimwear using innovative, biodegradable fabrics.

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Tizz & Tonic

Tizz & Tonic offers a colourful collection of ‘eco-intimates’.

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UND Swimwear

UND Swimwear offers minimalist swimsuits made from up-cycled fishing nets.

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pure by luce

pure by luce creates sustainable activewear inspired by travel.

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Humphries & Begg

Humphries & Begg offer a playful collection of colourful designs hand-printed in Jaipur, India.

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Hemp Eyewear

Hemp Eyewear creates sustainable eyewear using natural hemp fibres.

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MOXHI works with artisans in Argentina to create beautiful handcrafted leather backpacks and bags.


ATODE offers a minimalist collection of office-chic essentials.


Adrenna creates made-to-order sustainable activewear.

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Bird Sunglasses

Bird Sunglasses offers a collection of sustainable sunglasses that give back.

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