Adva minimalist fashion

About ADVA

ADVA aims to create an inclusive range of elevated wardrobe essentials for women. ADVA’s sophisticated and ageless collection is therefore designed to flatter whether you are in your early twenties, or have grandbabies on your hip. Their designs are minimalist and timeless, and favour natural materials such as organic cotton, and linen.

Joining the Slow Fashion Movement 

The slow fashion movement advocates a more thoughtful pace of design and production.  ADVA adheres to this philosophy of mindful production, choosing to source sustainable materials and work closely with local seamstresses to turn their designs into reality.  Their designs are versatile and can be worn season to season, making them the perfect addition to a small and considerate wardrobe.
Adva minimalist fashion

Aneta, founder of ADVA

"The name ADVA is based on my name Aneta and on the names of my two loving sisters." - Aneta, Founder & Director

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