About AmaElla

AmaElla is on a mission to prove that ethical can certainly be sexy. Founded by two friends who share a passion for fashion and sustainability, AmaElla offers an inspiring collection of 100% organic, ethically made lingerie. They use long-lasting quality cotton for a fabric that is both soft to the touch, and breathable for the body.  High attention to detail and a diligent fitting process ensures AmaElla offers a beautiful range of products that make you feel as good as you look. 

Made with Care

Ethics and sustainability are at the core of AmaElla’s production philosophy. They work exclusively with certified organic cotton suppliers who show a commitment to environmental preservation and sustainable agriculture. They also carefully select manufacturing partners who value respect, fairness and dignity in the workplace. Their supply partner in Portugal works exclusively with local women, while their non-profit London-based partner provides fashion apprenticeships, skills and training for unemployed women in the UK. 

“The high level of trust, mutual understanding and shared values has formed the foundations of our relationship. We shared a common vision to make a difference, and AmaElla was born.” - Lara Miller, Co-Founder 

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