Atode Minimalist Handmade Fashion


ATODE offers an elegant collection of everyday essentials for the working woman. Inspired by a minimalist wardrobe, ATODE designs fashion-forward basics that can be effortlessly paired for a finished look. The collection focuses on natural materials such as wool, silk and cotton.

Handmade in Marseille  

ATODE works on a small production system, only producing five new pieces every three-month season. The collections are cut and sewn by hand in Marseille, France by highly skilled tailors located just a 10-minute walk from the ATODE studio. By focusing on small-scale, local production ATODE is able to effectively limit their CO2 emissions, and prevent over-production and excess stock.
Atode Minimalist Handmade Fashion

Caroline Zalesky Founder of Atode

" …Get rid of all the things you never wear." - Caroline Zalesky, Founder

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