Dick Moby sustainable sunglasses

About Dick Moby

Dick Moby was founded by two surfers on a mission to reduce plastic pollution. Together, they designed a collection of classic yet modern sunglasses made from biodegradable and recycled plastics. Their black frames are made out of 97% recycled acetate from production waste, while coloured frames use an innovative plant-based acetate that is produced without crude-oil or toxic plasticizers. All frames feature certified lenses by ZEISS, with maximum UV 400 protection.

Fighting Waste From All Angles 

Dick Moby was born out of a desire to fight pollution and the ‘plastic soup’ continually growing in our oceans. They do this by utilising waste materials over raw materials throughout production, while also minimising their own waste output.  For instance, their carrying cases are made out of up-cycled leather, while their PET recycled microfiber cleaning cloths are made from approximately 7 discarded plastic bottles.
Ethical Sunglasses

Founders of Dick Moby Sustainable Sunglasses

"We like to use and reuse plastic without creating more waste in the process." - Tim Holland and Robbert Wefers-Bettink, Co-Founders

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