elephbo shoes made from upcycled cement bags

About Elephbo

From trash to fashion. This is what Nicolas Huxley set out to achieve when he founded Elephbo, a fashion brand that transforms discarded cement bags into everyday accessories including shoes, backpacks, hats and more. The cement bags are strong, durable and lightweight, making them the perfect material for long-lasting outerwear and accessories. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! 

Tackling Waste & Creating Fair Employment

Although the Elephbo collection is handmade in Portugal, all of the cement bags used to create the pieces are collected in Cambodia.  Elephbo hires locals in Cambodia to collect and clean all cement bags they find littering the streets.  Not only does this help to clean up waste, it provides a source of fair employment to locals who are paid above average wages and benefits.
elephbo cement bags cambodia

Elephbo founder Nicolas Huxley

"The idea came to mind on a backpacking trip through Southeast Asia. I saw the empty cement bags everywhere, with no use and nobody wanted to take responsibility to collect and recycle them." - Nicolas Huxley, Founder

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