Elsien Gringhuis handmade slow fashion

About Elsien Gringhuis

Elsien Gringhuis creates clean, minimalistic designs with a high attention to quality and detail.  They use a variety of natural and sustainable materials, and make everything by hand in their own studio in the Netherlands.  Their timeless style and production philosophy truly embodies the slow fashion philosophy.  


The Elsien Gringhuis collection is all made-to-order from their studio based in the Netherlands.  This decision is an effort to only to produce the minimum required garments, and prevent any overstock or over production.  It also enables Elsien Gringhuis to support local tailors and craftsmen, and limits the negative environmental impact of globalised mass-production. 
Elsien Gringhuis made-to-order ethical fashion

Elsien Gringhuis slow fashion

Because things are made on the other side of the world people lose the connection...The awareness that everything is connected is crucial in the change towards a fair, sustainable and balanced world.” -Elsien Gringhuis, Founder & Designer

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