Fair Frank Ethical Leather Shoes

About Fair Frank

Fair Frank offers a range of handmade leather shoes in classic designs and styles.  All of the leather used is vegetable-tanned, and locally sourced from Ethiopia where the shoes are made at the Hafde Tannery, located just outside the capital, Addis Ababa. Fair Frank is based upon the premise of being … fair.  They believe in pricing and supply chain transparency, and are committed to empowering the artisans they work with. For every pair sold, five euros goes to the Worker’s Premium Fund, which directly supports the makers.

Empowering Trade & Creative Capitalism

Ethiopia has a long history of leather production, but lacks access to global markets. Fair Frank was created to bridge this gap, and bring economic opportunity to the leather industry in Ethiopia. Fair Frank’s founder, Andreas Fransson believes in ‘Creative Capitalism’, which looks at how for-profit companies can best share the value created from their product with the developing countries in which it was produced. Fair Frank aims to share the benefits of exporting shoes, directly with the artisans who make them.
Maker of Fair Frank Leather Shoes

Founder of Fair Frank Leather Shoes

"Unless you prioritize shared value and sustainable products over price and the bottom line, it will be impossible for the industry to be fair and equitable towards both consumers and producers." 

- Andreas Fransson, Founder

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