Hemp Eyewear Handcrafted Natural Glasses

About Hemp Eyewear

Hemp Eyewear is the brainchild of a university assignment to find the most sustainable material in the world, and design something with it. Founder Sam Whitten discovered the eco-friendly properties of hemp and thought that it would be the perfect material to challenge the plastic-dominated eyewear industry, as hemp fibres provide a strong, lightweight frame suited for everyday eyewear.

Why Is Hemp So Great? 

Hemp is a particularly versatile crop and produces one of the strongest, and most durable natural soft-fibres on earth.  It is also extremely resistant and can grow almost anywhere without the use of pesticides, and requires roughly half of the amount of land and water that is needed to grow a similar yield of cotton.  Hemp fibres are biodegradable, and provide an extremely sustainable material for the fashion industry and beyond.
Hemp Eyewear Handcrafted Natural Glasses

Sam Whitten Founder of Hemp Eyewear

"The business is run on the concept of having a triple bottom line: so for every decision we make we take into account the environmental, social and financial impacts.- Sam Whitten, Founder

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