Humphries & Begg Ethical Handmade Fashion

About Humphries & Begg  

Humphries & Begg focus on creating comfortable and relaxed silhouettes with a lot of loose shapes and room for movement. Their cotton collection is easy enough for everyday wear, yet their bold prints certainly make a statement. Much of their collection is unisex, and can simply be rolled up or down to fit anyone.

(Robbie) Humphries & (Alice) Begg   

Jaipur, India is world famous for its fabric printing so is the perfect spot for some spontaneous textile creativity. Well, this certainly seemed to be the case for a husband and wife duo Robbie Humphries and Alice Begg, who travelled to India and started making clothes together just three months after meeting! Today, Alice and Robbie travel back to Jaipur every year to work with a small team of highly-skilled screen printers who transform Alice’s designs into the beautiful prints we see in Humphries & Begg.  
Humphries & Begg Block Printing in Jaipur, India

Humphries & Begg Ethical Handmade Fashion

"As more brands start to use organic fair trade fabrics the easier and more common they will be to source." - Alice Begg, Co-Founder

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