About Issara

Issara is a socially conscious business that works with highly skilled leather craftsmen in East India and Central Java, Indonesia. Issara combines modern, minimalist designs with old-world leather techniques to create a long-lasting and quality range of leather accessories. Using the finest materials and thoughtful design, they create highly functional and timeless pieces that you can wear in any season for years to come. 

Quality Leather Craftsmanship

Quality of production is at the core of Issara. Instead of mass manufacturing, Founder Rosh Govindaraj, travelled around the world looking for communities with rich heritages in leather craftsmanship to bring her Issara collection to life. After visiting hundreds of leather workshops, her travels brought her to Central Java and East India where she, fluent in the local languages, was able to personally select a team of artisans to work with. Issara values close working relationships, and have set up a number of social initiatives to support their community of craftsmen. 

One weekend, I stumbled upon a small Javanese leather workshop where Pak Komardi (an artisan with 30 years of experience) brought my back-of-napkin sketches to life using traditional methods. A few light bulbs went off at that point!”- Rosh Govindaraj, Founder 

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