KEMP GADEGÅRD takes a stand against the negative impacts of fast fashion by creating contemporary and timeless pieces that are made with longevity in mind. In addition to focusing on high quality natural materials, the collections are designed to be as durable and ageless as possible so that each piece can be loved and worn by all generations - now and in the future.  

Fabrics First, Design After  

KEMP GADEGÅRD is rooted in the belief that clothes should be able to last a lifetime if cared for properly. Based upon this, it is crucial that they work with high quality fabrics that are durable and long lasting. Therefore, unlike most fashion brands who design first, and source materials after, KEMP GADEGÅRD flips this process around by prioritising the search for high quality fabrics, and then designing based upon what’s on hand! 
Kemp Gadegaard Sustainable Slow Fashion

Kemp Gadegaard Sustainable slow fashion

"The consumer has an important role to play in changing the fashion industry, and every purchase counts." - Maya Byskov, Co-Founder 

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