About KIKS

KIKS is a Finnish brand that is leading the pack when it comes to sustainable Scandinavian style. Established in 2003, KIKS is one of the first brands in Finland to exclusively use upcycled materials for their entire range. Using leftover materials, they create small batch and made-to-order jackets that can be worn by both men and women. The breathable, water-resistant jackets are designed in-house at their studio in Finland to be both practical and simple with a hint of ‘futuristic oddity’. 

From 'Waste' to 'Wear'

Instead of producing raw materials, KIKS creates their entire collection using recycled fabrics. KIKS founder Katia Iljana noticed huge potential lying on the cutting room floor of production factories, so began collecting this end-of-roll waste material and using it to create KIKS. In the beginning, KIKS was a much smaller project using post-consumer recycled materials, however, KIKS has grown to collect leftover technical materials from a number of different companies throughout Finland. 

“ … the early KIKS was definitely more of an art project than a business venture, and over a decade later, after years of practical learning but also educating myself more I still want to hold on to that enthusiasm and open-endness.” -  Katja Iljana, Designer & Founder 

To learn about Katja Iljana, her design process, studio and more, check out the full interview below.  Read The Interview