About Kipepeo

Kipepeo is a social business created to support school children in Tanzania. Their t-shirt designs are actually drawings created by children during class. For instance, if a class is learning about ‘animals of the Serengeti’, you might find drawings of elephants and giraffes on your t-shirt! For every product sold, a portion is donated to fund projects that promote education in the very schools where the designs are made. The projects are determined by the principal and the teachers, and have included various projects such as the creation of a new computer lab, school fee assistance and more.

The 'Kipepeo Cycle'

Kipepeo have developed holistic cycle that aims to benefit everyone at all stages of production. To this end, Kipepeo operates on a vertical supply chain which means that all production and manufacturing occur in the same location. Kipepeo even sources organic cotton locally in Tanzania! This dedication to local production maximises the economic benefit for the region, and enables great oversight ensuring quality and high ethical standards. To complete the ‘Kipepeo Cycle’ a portion of all proceeds are donated back into the schools where the designs are first created!

“ When I found out that Abigail’s parents couldn’t afford her school fees anymore, I started to print more shirts and sold them to my family and friends to be able to pay her school fees. This little design was basically the foundation stone of Kipepeo.” - Martin Kluck, Founder

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