About Know the Origin 

KTO is run by London College of Fashion graduate, Charlotte Instone. After learning the harsh realities of the fashion industry, Charlotte founded KTO to prove that you can create beautiful clothing while maintaining a commitment to ethical production, transparency, and accountability. Every step of the KTO production process, from planting cotton to the final stitch, is 100% traceable. The end result is a timeless collection of Fairtrade and organic cotton pieces that are a perfect ‘foundation set’ for any wardrobe. 

The Not-So-Distant Origin  

Charlotte works to create positive relationships with all of KTO’s supply partners in India, and loves to personally visit as often as she can. Through these visits, Charlotte can personally attest to the incredible impact that the fashion industry can create when workers are treated with respect, paid fairly, and given a sense of dignity in their work. As outlined in the name, Know the Origin hopes to inspire more curiosity amongst shoppers to question the impact and origin of their fashion choices. 

"I think what the fashion industry has tricked us into believing is that clothes have an expiration date." - Charlotte Instone, Founder

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