About La Petite Mort

La Petite Mort works with highly skilled artisans in South America to create a range of comfortable, organic basics enriched with thoughtful detail. They work with unblended, natural fibres to create a pure collection that can be worn by both men and women. Despite offering a range of basics, unique details and hidden messages add character and depth to wardrobe staples.   

The Little Death

La Petite Mort, or the little death originally refers to brief moments of unconsciousness during medical practices in the 17th century. The French expression later took on a more erotic meaning, referring to a post-orgasm state of ecstasy, or spiritual release. La Petite Mort is inspired by this moment of transcendence when we are unencumbered by boundaries or limits, and our mind can be totally free. La Petite Mort’s style is based upon this philosophy, offering a collection of clean basics from pure, natural materials.  

“In Peru I grew up surrounded by rich culture, generous nature and artisan know-how, but the U.S. showed me how big the world is and the infinite opportunities we have, it gave me the “go for it” mindset; while Europe taught me about creative industries and sustainability.” - Andrea Sanabria Oviedo, Founder

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