About LOFS

LOFS was founded by two Spanish brothers who share a passion for comfortable sneakers and social impact. After travelling abroad for many years they decided to create the ultimate Mediterranean sneaker combining street style with comfort. More importantly, they set out to promote fair working conditions and skilled employment opportunities in their local region. LOFS works closely with suppliers to create limited edition, handmade sneaker collections. Inspired by their father who spent his career researching cancer treatments, LOFS also donates 1% of profit to cancer research and prevention.

Mediterranean Footprint

LOFS stands for ‘Land of Sun’ and it is in this land that Lofs works to create a fair, quality sneaker with bold Mediterranean colours and designs. Not only do the designs honour the Mediterranean, but their manufacturing ethos does too. LOFS shoes are made within the Alicante region of Spain, and 100% of materials are also sourced with Mediterranean area. This was a purposeful decision by the founders to help boost the local economy, and limit the environmental costs of transportation during production. This means that when you wear LOFS shoes, you wear a footprint of the Med.

“When you run a start-up, you should think that there are many core principles but mostly two: Going for price or for values.” -Manuel de las Heras, Co-Founder

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