About Lyme Terrace

Founded by two friends living in London, Lyme Terrace offers high-quality, classic cuts perfect for everyday wear. Lyme Terrace’s timeless style reflects their slow fashion philosophy, which is immune to the micro-trends of fast fashion.  The label is guided by three fundamental pillars: a commitment to organic & recycled fabrics, British manufacturing, and complete transparency.   

Beyond Supply Chain Transparency

Transparency is a core pillar within the Lyme Terrace philosophy.  They personally visit all of their first-tier suppliers, and have been known to conduct ‘surprise visits’ to second-tier suppliers in order to ensure that production is compliant with their high social and environmental standards.  Beyond transparency of supply chain, Lyme Terrace also offers transparency of pricing, allowing customers to see the cost breakdown of each Lyme Terrace item in order to better understand the final retail price. 

"We're both keen surfers and outdoor enthusiasts, but also love the energy of London. Escaping that energy and getting out into the wild is just as important.- Co-Founders Andrew Renton & Alex Brewster 

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