Upcycled Orange Travel Case By Makers Unite

About Makers Unite

Makers Unite is an Amsterdam-based collective that brings together locals and ‘new comers’ with refugee backgrounds. Together, locals and new comers get to know each other while making a unique collection of bags and accessories made from up-cycled life vests left by migrants on their way to Europe. The program promotes social inclusivity, while also developing and leveraging newcomer’s skills in order to help them find more permanent and fulfilling employment in the Netherlands.

Carry the Story of Your Maker

From materials to production, Makers Unite creates a range of products that truly celebrate the Maker. By using up-cycled life vests worn by refuges on their way to Europe, the very materials of the collection are emotive. Each stitch represents the collaborative work between locals and new comers, and a new beginning for the Makers.
Makers Unite Workshop

Founder of Makers Unite

“We stand by values of a more sustainable and inclusive world that are reflected in our products and the way we work” - Thami Schweichler, Founder

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