About Mayamiko

Mayamiko translates to ‘praise’ in Chewa and this is part of the core philosophy driving Mayamiko’s success. After working on development projects in Malawi for nearly three years, founder Paola Masperi realised the most effective way to help communities facing economic and social hardship was to nurture their local talents. As an alternative to aid, Mayamiko was set up to harness local tailoring and seamstress skills, creating beautiful garments while providing training and job opportunities for lasting social impact. 

The Fashion Lab

The Fashion Lab is a solar-run facility based on the outskirts of Lilongwe in Malwai. In addition to being the production site for all Mayamiko garments, the Fashion Lab functions as a community centre. There is a free day care so that women with children are not excluded from employment, a vegetable patch and chickens, as well as various training initiatives and educational programs supported by The Mayamiko Trust. 

"To say that I am proud of everyone that passes through our training scheme and succeeds is a complete understatement." - Paola Masperi, Founder

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