About Ms. Bay

Ms. Bay is founded on timeless design, social responsibility and ecological respect.  They combine traditional vegetable-tanned leather with an innovative salmon leather to create classic accessories with an environmental twist. In the slow fashion philosophy, Ms. Bay designs elegant pieces that can easily transition from day to night, and season to season.  

Salmon Leather

It may sound unusual but salmon leather might be an intriguing alternative to traditional leather. Salmon skins are a waste product from the fishing industry, and very little are recycled or utilised. Just like regular hides, these skins can be transformed into a thin and flexible leather. Because of the fibre structure, it is just as durable as regular leather, and becomes even smoother and shiner with use. 
ms bay ethical leather

Ms Bay Saskia

“...organisations and companies are developing new innovative materials that could help sort our waste-problem. It's really exciting...” - Saskia Aelen, Founder

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