MYMARINI was created to provide a stylish, supportive swimsuit for people who love the ocean and the planet. After travelling through South America, founder Mareen Burk was frustrated by flimsy swimsuits that fell apart after a few weeks surfing in the ocean. Unable to find a durable, lasting swimsuit that didn’t compromise on style, Burk set out on a mission to create one herself! MYMARINI was born. The swimsuits are made to last and designed with style, comfort and sustainability in mind.

Double-Lined Fabric & The Mini-Shape Effect

The secret to the MYMARINI ‘Mini-Shape Effect’ is their use of a double-lined fabric design. The double-lining helps to create a long-lasting and durable swimsuit, but also adds an extra layer of support for the body.  The control of the double layer creates the ‘Mini-Shape Effect’ giving the body a smoothed, and toned shape. The seams are also hidden away inside the double layer providing a ‘seamless’ finish that doesn’t cut into the skin, or itch while swimming. Best of all, it allows all MYMARINI swimsuits to create fully reversible designs with two colour options in every swimsuit!   

“It’s a chic and durable and makes you feel good about yourself and the planet. That’s the feeling we want to create.” - Mareen Burk, Founder

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