About Qnoop

Qnoop is an Amsterdam-based contemporary sock brand on a mission to create the perfect sustainable sock. With an emphasis on design, quality and innovation, Qnoop creates a collection of bold organic cotton socks in a variety of styles and colours. Reinforced toes and heels guarantee a long-lasting wear, and their signature button & loop design ensure your socks always stay a pair. Every pair comes gift-wrapped in biodegradable packaging for a happy face, happy feet, and a happy planet. 

Sustainability in the form of a Button 

What is the most unsustainable thing about socks? Maybe it’s the fact that countless socks mysteriously vanish never to be seen again.  Qnoop wants to stop the missing sock phenomenon by creating an innovative button & loop system that keeps your pair of socks together for good. One sock comes with a biodegradable button, and the other comes with an easy loop adding functionality and flair to your average pair or socks.    

Did you know on average people lose 1.3 socks a month? That adds up to an incredible figure of 265 million in one year for a small country like the Netherlands alone!”- Dirk Vis, Founder 

Read the full interview with Qnoop founder, Dirk Vis, to learn more about his sustainable sock mission.  Read The Interview