About Rakha

Rakha seeks to reverse the negative impacts of the fashion industry by proving beautiful designs can be made with respect for the environment and local communities.  Based in their North London studio, Rakha battles the fast fashion philosophy by creating timeless pieces using recycled or biodegradable materials.  In addition to working with suppliers that share their commitment to sustainability, Rakha is keen to prove that fashion can be a force for good.  

People's Training Scheme 

Rakha created the Rakha People Training scheme for disadvantaged women in London. By running programs that offer support and training, Rakha hopes to increase the skills and employability of their students. Two refugees have completed the People’s Training Scheme and Rakha hopes to expand the program into a separate charitable organization to increase their positive impact within the community.   

"Ethical fashion is about being thoughtful and considering the impact we create throughout the whole supply chain of fashion, from materials life cycle to social issues." - Gözde Taskin, Founder & Designer 

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