About Resole

Resole is a Swedish family-run business committed to producing ethically and sustainably. While researching eco-friendly manufacturing strategies, the founders became inspired by the concept of up-cycling. This involves rescuing and repurposing otherwise discarded materials in order to make something new. This has the dual benefit of reducing landfill waste, while also eliminating the environmental impact of new material creation. Further solidifying their environmental commitment, Resole donates a portion of their profit to support environmental initiatives around the world. 

From Swedish Bums To Your Feet

Resole collects old textiles from buses, trains and trams in Sweden to make their sneakers. Because of their strong and durable properties, these textiles are the perfect material for sneakers. Plus, they already come with fun and colourful motifs! Once collected, the fabric is sent to trusted production partners in Portugal. Here, the fabric is cut and sewn by hand and transformed into your brand new Resole sneaker!   

“Think outside the box. With a strong will and loads of creativity you can make a lot of cool things. Even sneakers out of bus seats!” - Co-Founder John Pramgårds wtih fellow founder and wife, Milena Pramgårds.  

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