About Rhumaa

Rhumaa collaborates with talented artists from developing countries, like South Africa to create beautiful collections that combine local artwork with fashion design. Each collection highlights the art of a specific artist, using fashion as a medium to share their story and celebrate their work.  While each collection is inspired by a different artist, all of Rhumaa's collections share a clean-cut and modern design using many fine natural fabrics.

The Rhumaa Foundation

For every Rhumaa purchase, 5% of turnover is donated to the Rhumaa Foundation. The Foundation works with young creative people from developing countries to help improve their skills and chances of finding creative work. Rhumaa works with organisations, such as 'Learn to Earn', an NGO dedicated to skills development and job placement for young under-privileged youth in South Africa. The Rhumaa Foundation is also currently working to expand their support by offering developing artists a platform to build new and exciting opportunities through exhibitions and collaborations. 

“ …Township Soul ... is such a powerful artwork and a wonderful artist to celebrate. Not only the story, but how the story is integrated, the materials we used and the designs are just brilliant. I love that collection.” - Daniel Beernik, Founder 

Pictured left is South African Artist, Holmes Jansen whose artwork inspired Beernink’s favourite Rhumaa collection, ‘Township Soul’.  Find out more about Daniel by checking out his full interview. Read The Interview