SeeMe - Ethical Jewellery

About SeeMe 

SeeMe was founded by Caterina Occhio with the goal of providing financial independence for female survivors of violence in Tunisia. SeeMe trains women, often single mothers who have been ostracised by society, in the craft of jewellery-making to provide an empowering source of fair employment. The jewellery collection features hearts, turning hate and violence into love.

Business For Good 

Caterina Occhio has over 15 years experience working with the European Commission and various UN agencies specialising in the socio-economic integration of women. She is an advocate for business-driven solutions to development goals, harnessing the potential of business for good.  SeeMe is proudly not a charity, but creates lasting positive impact and employment through their collections. 
SeeMe - Ethical Jewellery

Zak Johnson Founder of Ethical Luxury Swimwear

"Businesses have an explicit, central role in ending extreme poverty, fighting inequality and injustice and fixing climate change." - Caterina Occhio, Founder

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