About Semura

Semura bags are carefully stitched by craftsmen in Madrid and represent a dedication to detail. While the outside provides an elegant yet functional carrier, the inside of the bag offers a hidden colourful surprise. Each bag is lined with Semura’s signature organic cotton featuring bright patterns screen-printed using hand-drawn designs. As Semura only uses vegetable tanned leather, the outside will darken over time developing its own patina and unique character through the years.

Opening the Supply Chain Dialogue

Semura was created with transparency and traceability at the core of its ethos. Every piece, from buttons to labels, is traceable back to its origin from a trusted group of European suppliers. Favouring local suppliers and production techniques, Semura sources its vegetable-tanned leather from Igualada, Spain where locals have been sustainably tanning leather for over 400 years. Semura encourages its customers to question the origins of their products, and shop to last.    

"Why are we obsessively tracking the ingredients and the provenance of the food we buy while paying less attention to the clothes we wear...?" - Elisa Ferreras, Founder

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