About SideRoot

SideRoot is the vision of a husband and wife who teamed up to create unique eyewear in a sustainable way. As most frames are made of plastic, Richard and Emelie turned to wood as a natural alternative and launched SideRoot. Each SideRoot frame is meticulously designed and crafted by hand using a variety of sustainably sourced wood from FSC certified suppliers. Every pair comes with a kraft paper folding case, a microfiber cleaning cloth and a tub of homemade beeswax to keep your frames smooth!       

Plant 10 Trees

For every pair sold, SideRoot plants 10 trees through their partnership with Trees for the Future. In addition to planting trees, Trees for the Future places a large emphasis on community engagement and educational programs. They work primarily in Sub Sahara Africa spreading awareness of the lasting benefits of sustainable forestry.  Additionally, Trees for the Future helps to teach sustainable farming techniques and practices that bring food, fuel and economic opportunities to local communities.  

"As we continue to grow as a company we aim to increase the amount of trees we donate per pair of glasses sold" - Richard Haines, Founder

Check out the full interview with Richard and Emelie for more on SideRoot’s driving motivations and goals for the future.   Read The Interview