Soumati Ethical Fashion

About Soumati

Soumati combines a love for art and slow fashion by printing hand-drawn designs on high quality organic and fairtrade garments. The collection has a tropical vibe, while the minimalist designs evoke a free-spirited and adventurous emotion that embody Soumati’s vibrant ethos.

The Soumati Tribe 

Soumati is named after the Algerian tribe of the Atlas Mountains, The Soumata.  Founder, Myriam Achour, is Soumati and she wanted to bring this tribal, collective mentality to her brand. She encourages others to join her movement of outspoken love for the earth, and free way of life.   
Soumati Ethical Fashion Sketch

soumati ethical fashion founder

Soumati is an open nomadic tribe we invite people to walk with. We believe that together, we’re stronger.”-  Myriam Achour, Founder 

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