Stand4 Socks- socks with impact

About Stand4 Socks

Stand4 Socks are on a mission to change the world, one pair of socks at a time.  Each pair of socks is linked to a different cause associated with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  For instance, if you buy a pair from their ‘Homeless’ collection, a person in need will also receive a pair of socks.  While if you buy a pair from their “Maternal Health” collection, you could provide an antenatal check-up for a pregnant woman. What will you do with your socks?

Designed for Function & Impact

Each pair of Stand4 Socks is designed for ultimate comfort and durability.  The socks have a unique arch support system, seamless toe closure to avoid irritation, and reinforced heels and toe areas. This helps to increase the longevity of Stand4 Socks as most holes occur on the heels and toes.  Lastly, each pair comes with a ‘Cause Logo’ on the side that shows the specific impact of the pair- whether it’s a water drop for Clean Water, or a pencil for Education.
Stand4 Socks- socks with impact

Stand4 Socks Josh Turner

“Our Gender Equality ranges have always been most popular with men which is great to see!” - Josh Turner, Founder

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