Tales of the Future Backpack

About Tale Of The Future 

Just as the name suggests, Tale of The Future (TOFFT) seeks to bring together traditional techniques and craftsmanship with modern and contemporary design.  They work with artisans throughout the Himalayan region to create a range of handcrafted backpacks and accessories, with a distinct minimalist aesthetic. Their designs are inspired by the simplicity of nature, and take advantage of strong, durable natural materials such as cotton and jute.

Himalayan Craft Meets Modern Design  

Tale Of The Future aim to integrate tradition and modernity through their design and production. They follow fair trade principals, working closely with craftsmen throughout the Himalayan region, and providing them with fair opportunities for employment.  As each item is made using hand-techniques, they are all unique in their imperfections.
Tales Of the Future

Tale Of The Future Founder Kate Pietkiewicz

"When buying something new for my wardrobe, I acknowledge that every decision has an impact. The first thing I consider is whether or not I need the item - for me, less is more.- Kate Pietkiewicz, Founder & Designer  

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