About Tales of Thread

Tales of Thread combines England’s tailoring expertise with Ghana’s craftsmanship and textile heritage to create unique hand-printed pyjamas and loungewear.  Inspired by African culture and artistry, Rebecca Fordham founded Tales of Thread to create jobs and enable market access for creatives and designers in Accra, Ghana.  The company operates on a fully traceable supply chain ensuring high ethical standards of employment throughout production. 

Creating Opportunity for Women   

Tales of Thread aims to support the sustainable growth of factories in Sub-Saharan Africa, and foster skills in remote communities.  Specifically, they aim to support job creation for women, as many studies support the fact that female employment can have a positive impact on their children’s education and the community as a whole. Tales of Thread prioritises working with factories that are owned and operated by women, and support additional training and skills development for their workforce - which is currently 85% female. 

"I am really lucky to have worked in a number of different places around the world including Nairobi, Cairo, Benghazi and New York. I met truly inpsiring people, often creating wonderful products, but without access to markets they weren’t able to get their businesses off the ground." - Rebecca Fordham, Founder 

Rebecca Fordham has worked at BBC Newsnight, the Marine Stewardship Council and the UN. Find out how her past career influenced Tales of Thread by reading the full interview!  Read The Interview