TAUKO slow fashion


TAUKO is a Nordic fashion label that utilise upycled and surplus materials to create a sustainable range of contemporary womenswear. TAUKO, meaning ‘pause’ in Finnish, advocates a slower pace of fashion and designs both versatile and basic items for a long-lasting wardrobe. 

The TAUKO Recycling Concept 

TAUKO set out to prove that recycled textiles can be used to create beautiful, high-quality womenswear that doesn’t compromise on style, ethics, or design. Over 80% of the TAUKO collection is made from upcycled or recycled materials, such as discarded rental textiles from German and Finnish hotels and restaurants.  Additionally, TAUKO uses surplus wools and knits, and organic wool for their collection.  
TAUKO upcycled fashion

TAUKO Founders Mila Moisio & Kaisa Rissanen

"Our design process is very material oriented. The recycled materials set certain limitations, but also create specific tools for us to work with' - Mila Moisio, Co-Founder 

Read the full interview with Mila to learn more about the TAUKO design process, recycling philosophy and more.  Read The Interview