About Ted & Bessie

Ted & Bessie offers luxury alpaca knitwear with timeless designs that can last a lifetime. Ted & Bessie are confident in the quality of their wool, as they personally care for their family of 16 happy alpaca in the English countryside. The fleece is spun and knitted entirely within the UK, creating truly British alpaca knitwear. 

Why Alpaca?

Founder Catherine Price, bought her first four alpaca with the goal of creating beautiful designs from luxurious, eco-friendly materials. Alpaca wool is a fantastic natural material that can be sourced each year without causing any harm to the animals. The animals require very little land or water, and their wool lacks the natural oils that are found in sheep’s wool. This means that it does not require any chemical processing or treatment, and is great for people with sensitive skin.     

I just love their sweet faces and kind nature, I knew I wanted to work with them. I needed a reason in the first place to buy four alpacas and my background in fashion was a great excuse to go into the knitwear industry”- Catherine Price, Founder 

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