About Teller

Teller offers a contemporary collection inspired by the traditional handy work and embroidery of Rajasthan, India. They work directly with a group of women based in the small village of Bikhamkor, who create the handmade, limited edition collections. Teller is founded on the belief that the makers of our clothing should be given rightful recognition and appreciation, and to that end, each piece can be traced back to the woman who made it. 

The Women Behind Teller 

Teller works in collaboration with the Institute for Philanthropy and Humanitarian Development (IPHD), a grassroots charity focused on girl’s education, women’s health, and women’s financial independence. With IPDH, Teller provides sewing and embroidery training to these women, along with economic opportunity through the sale of each Teller piece. By visiting Bikhamkor often, Teller is able to tailor production based on the unique skills of each woman, and form lasting personal relationships to the benefit of all. 

"I want to show the positives of the industry and portray the women that I have been working with in a way that gets across their big, confident personalities, their humour and their hard work.- Megan Sharkey, Founder

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