Green Leggings

About The Salvage

The Salvage promotes a healthy, active lifestyle and encourages others to become ‘Conscious Warriors’ fighting to make the world a better place. The Salvage philosophy is based upon ‘local solutions for global issues’ and to this end, The Salvage is on a mission to reduce plastic pollution one legging at a time.   

From Plastic Bottle, To Comfy Legging 

The Salvage works closely with an ethical supplier in China that transforms discarded plastic bottles into yarn. This yarn is mixed with a small amount of spandex to create the athletic fabric used for The Salvage leggings. The process of creating PET recycled fabric implements various technologies to limit its environmental impact. This includes continuously recycling water to prevent waste, as well as digital pattern printing techniques that reduce the need for harsh chemicals. Once the fabric is finished, it is sent to The Salvage atelier in Madrid where it is cut, sewn and ready for wear!   

Flower Print Leggings 

Zebra Leggings The Salvage

"The zombie consumer, the one that does what is told without thinking, is the best thing that could have ever happened to the fashion industry"

Read the full interview to find out why The Salvage wants zombie consumers to wake up, and join their community of Conscious Warriors.    Read The Interview