Untold Treasures Handmade Clutch

About Untold Treasures

Untold Treasures celebrates the traditional crafts of artisans from across South America. From leather craftsmen in Bolivia, to weavers in Peru, Untold Treasures works with small, family-run businesses and independent artisans to create a diverse collection of beautiful and authentic accessories. All items are handmade directly by the makers.

Working Directly With The Makers 

While Emily Senn travelled throughout South America for a year, she discovered the “untold treasures” of all of the local artisans of the region. Senn founded ‘Untold Treasures’ to highlight the gorgeous traditional crafts of South America, and bring them to a new audience abroad. Senn works directly with the makers, cultivating a network of artisans from across Bolivia, Colombia and Peru.   
Untold Treasures Artisan Accessories

Untold Treasures Founder Emily Senn

“...seeing the real value and heritage of these handicrafts…cemented the idea of wanting to share this wonderful craftsmanship with a wider audience”- Emily Senn, Founder 

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