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About Vanesa Vinhas

Vanesa Vinhas offers a small, but thoughtful collection of high quality garments featuring simple shapes, earthy colours and effortless elegance. Specifically focusing on the comfortable yet classic design of the Kaftan, Vanesa Vinhas invites you to step back in time to the Ottoman Sultans of Ancient Mesopotamia, or the Hollywood glitterati of the 1960’s lounging in Palm Springs.   

Clothing With A Soul 

After working with fashion entrepreneurs for several years, Vanesa Perez Sanchez, began to ask herself: “If I started making clothes, how would I want them to be?”. The answer? Simple, elegant, quality fabrics, reasonable prices and sustainable. This is how Vanesa Vinhas was born. Today, Vanesa Vinhas creates small batches of high quality garments using natural and organic fabrics sourced from suppliers that share Vanesa’s strong values of sustainability. Moreover, Vanesa Vinhasn is committed to donating 10% of their profits to charities that empower women.
Valise London- Ethical Fashion

Valise London- Founder- Vanesa Perez Sanchez

" …the fashion industry … can be incredibly wasteful. So I create small batches of high quality clothes, that are made to be treasured, kept, and worn for years to come" - Vanesa Perez Sanchez, Founder

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