VILDNIS- Sustainable Fashion


VILDNIS is a UK-based label with strong Scandinavian roots. Danish founder Ulla Vitting Richards launched VILDNIS after working in the fashion industry for over 15 years and witnessing first-hand the social and environmental cost of high street fashion. She set out to prove that sustainable fashion doesn’t have to compromise on style, and began designing a range of contemporary casualwear. The collection is inspired by the neutral and muted colours of her Scandinavian background, with an occasional bold pop of colour, bold print or exciting shape.

The VILDNIS Commitment  

VILDNIS takes a holistic approach to sustainability and design, weighing the pros and cons of each production decision.  In addition to working with environmentally friendly fabrics and innovative materials, they use recycled material for labels and packaging and ship their items in recycled tissue paper and 100% recycled polythene bags.  Furthermore, VILDNIS maintains a transparent and detailed supply chain, auditing their production partners regularly to ensure fair working conditions and compensation.
The Vildnis Commitment- Sustainable Fashion

VilDNIS Founder- ULLA

"Sustainable fashion can look exactly the same as anything you can find on the high street – and it doesn’t have to cost the earth (metaphorically and literally)." - Ulla Vitting Richards, Founder

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