About Where Does It Come From?

Where Does It Come From? is on a mission to increase transparency in the fashion industry.  Horrified by the human rights violations and environmental disregard rampant in the fashion industry today, Where Does It Come From? offers a completely traceable range of natural cotton scarves and shirts. Each product comes with a unique code that allows you to track the individual history of your item all the way back to the cotton field. If you ever asked yourself ‘who made my clothes’, this is the brand for you! 

Keeping Tradition Alive  

Where Does It Come From? works with skilled artisans in India to create their range of block-printed scarves and GOTS certified cotton shirts. They use Khadi, a traditional cotton fabric made using hand-spinning and hand-weaving techniques. Khadi is of particular cultural significance to India’s history, and is the only fabric that can be used for the Indian national flag. Finally, wooden blocks are used to hand-stamp beautiful patterns onto the Khadi for a unique and intimate finish, infused with Indian culture and craft. 
Making Where Does It Come From? in India

"When I had children I became even more aware of this lack of transparency [of the fashion industry] and concerned about the origins of the fabrics I was putting next to my children's skin. I also worried about who was involved in making the clothes - were other children actually working to make clothes for mine to wear?- Jo Salter, Founder

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