Younited Cultures Celebrate Migration

About Younited Cultures 

Younited Cultures is founded by two fearless migrants from Romania who are on a mission to reverse negative stigmas, celebrate diversity and support migrant communities. By linking each scarf with a migrant success story, they use fashion as a creative tool to communicate and celebrate the positive impact of migrant communities abroad.  

Real Stories, Real Impact

In addition to shining a spotlight on inspiring migrant biographies, Younited Cultures create tangible positive impacts with every product. For instance, the profits from each scarf fund initiatives that help the related migrant community, while profits from the Celebrate Migration Collection fund cultural diversity networking events. Additionally, when you buy 3 socks another pair is donated to a refugee.     
Younited Cultures Celebrate Migration

Younited Cultures Positive Fashion

"It all starts with an attitude changeIulia Berger, Co-Founder 

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