Zola Amour Wide-Leg Pant

About Zola Amour

After travelling to China and experiencing the environmental horrors caused by the fashion industry first-hand, Zola Amour founder Emily Evans set out to create a brand that stood up to fast fashion and its ‘ethically immoral’ production practices. Zola Amour exclusively works with sustainably sourced, organic certified materials in order to reduce its negative environmental impact, and ethically manufactures their garments by hand in their studio in England.    

The Zola Amour Design Process 

Zola Amour has several key points of consideration when designing any new garment. First and foremost, the design must be stylish, functional, versatile and comfortable. Second, the item must be designed with longevity in mind so that it can be worn and loved for years to come. This influences the shape of the design, as well as the colour schemes chosen. Lastly, the materials must be sustainable, and manufactured ethically & fairly. Not bad!       
Zola Amour Design Process Ethical Fashion

Emily Evans Founder of Zola Amour

I start by brainstorming items that I consider ‘integral’ to a wardrobe.”- Emily Evans, Founder & Designer of Zola Amour 

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