Looking for Sustainable Secret Santa Gifts this Christmas? Check out some of our favourite items to help you decide what to buy!

It’s that time of year again. The office Christmas party is looming, your school friend meet up is just a week away, and they’re all insisting on Secret Santa Gifts!

As someone who prides themselves on being sustainable and ethical, the words Secret Santa can cause a level of dread not felt since the time you had to explain your choice of being vegan to your ex boyfriends Dad, the local butcher. Secret Santa Gifts are often useless presents that are quite likely to end up in the bin. Adding to the already mounting levels of landfill waste in the UK is something no one wants to do!

It’s not all doom and gloom though. Buying the right present can actually be an opportunity to be both sustainable and to give something back to worthy causes. Take a look below to find our best Sustainable Secret Santa Gift ideas!

Sustainable Secret Santa Gifts for less than £10


Support Schoolchildren in Tanzania with this Tote Bag


How about this gorgeous Kipepeo Tote bag? Made from 100% Organic Cotton with designs drawn by children in Tanzania during school time. Profits from the sale of them goes back to funding projects for those same schools!

Find the Tote Bag Here





Help Worthy Causes with Stand4Socks


These awesome socks are all about giving back. Each pair is linked to a different cause. Such as the homeless socks; for each pair purchased another pair is donated to the homeless.

Or their Sonar pair, which pay for a metre squared of land to be cleared of landmines in conflict areas for every pair sold. A perfect Sustainable Secret Santa gift that doesn't break the bank.

Shop the Collection Here





Sustainable Secret Santa Gifts for less than £20


Feed The Homeless in Belo Horizonte with this Coin Purse


This coin purse is ingeniously made from upcycled seat belts and plastic bottles that would otherwise be clogging up landfill. A portion of the profits from each purchase also goes towards feeding the homeless in Belo Horizonte. Not bad for such a cute little purse!

Buy the Purse Here






Build Orphanages in Tanzania with this Crop Top


This simple little black crop top is made from 100% organic cotton, looks and feel amazing and also gives a portion of profits to build orphanages in Tanzania! It's the perfect Sustainable Secret Santa Gift for a friend looking to start building a capsule wardrobe.

Shop the Little Black Crop Top





Respect Mother Earth with this Organic Wash Bag


This Wash bag is 100% Oeko Tex Linen and is produced avoiding harmful chemicals and dyes. Veryan maintains transparency in their supply chain and values close relationships their with small, European suppliers. You don't get much more sustainable than that!

Find the Wash Bag Here






Shine Like an Angel with this Halo


This gorgeous ‘halo’ will have you and your secret Santa giftee looking like angels (literally and metaphorically). Each halo is made from upcycled GOTS certified organic cotton, and handmade by fairly paid workers in Lima, Peru!

Be An Angel With This Halo