Our Ethos

We are on a mission to end mindless consumption. Our choices have an impact, so we strive to make conscious and informed decisions for a sustainable future, and a better now.


We exclusively partner with brands that share our vision to create positive change within the fashion industry, and donate 10% of profits to mission-driven social enterprises.


mamoq shopping philosophy

We have a responsibility to be mindful of the choices we make, and aware of the impacts they have.

To help us make thoughtful and considered choices we developed the mamoq shopping philosophy. These five simple steps offer guiding questions that can help us to better understand the things we buy, and make choices we feel good about.


Is this a meaningful purchase? Do you love it? Will you really wear it? Is there a story behind it? Or a nice memory? Fight fast fashion by seeking meaning in the things you buy, and only choosing the things you truly love.
Is this brand accountable for their production? Are they transparent? Do they treat their workers fairly, and respect the environment? Try and support brands that are transparent (and proud!) of the way they do business.
What material is it made of? What are the processes involved in creating it? Will it naturally decompose, or sit in a landfill? Think about the life of the material both before and after you wear it to better understand its impact.
Is this purchase an opportunity to make a positive impact? Will it help others? Will it provide meaningful work to marginalised communities, or help fund social missions? Nothing feels better than buying something you love, and doing some good while you’re at it.
Is this a quality investment? Is it made well, and will it last? Will you be able to wear and love it for years to come? Like most things in life, better to choose quality over quantity.

When you think ethical, think mamoq.


mamoq values

While everyone at mamoq shares the goal of creating a more positive fashion industry, there are loads of different ways to work towards this mission. To help you easily find brands that share your priorities, we created the mamoq values representing 12 core approaches to sustainable and fair fashion. In order to partner with us, each brand must make an active commitment to at least 3 of the following: 

Artisan Craft

Brands work directly with highly skilled artisans and craftsmen. Artisans help to keep skills, technique and culture alive through their craft.


Brands use recycled or up-cycled materials instead of raw, virgin materials. This limits the environmental impact of production, reduces landfill waste, and inspires creativity.


Brands demonstrate an active commitment to limit their negative environmental impact and reduce their carbon footprint.

Economic Empowerment

Brands create job opportunity and skills training for marginalised communities. This facilities financial independence, and offers a source of sustainable economic development.

Gives Back

Brands consistently give back and demonstrate an on-going commitment to charitable activity. This includes the ‘buy to give’ model, as well as financial donation.


Brands offer a collection that is unique and made by hand with care.

Made In Europe

Brands produce and manufacture within Europe. This supports local industries and limits the environmental impact of large global supply chains.

Natural Material

Brands are committed to working with natural, bio-degradable materials such as cotton, linen or wool. At least 95% of the entire collection is made from these materials.


Brands work with materials grown without the use of toxic chemicals or pesticides. This helps to limit the negative impact of farming on our ecosystems and personal health.

Third Party Certified

Brands have been thoroughly vetted, and officially verified by a third party- organization. Examples include Fairtrade, Oeko-Tex, or GOTS certified organic.


Brands operate on a fully transparent and traceable supply chain. This promotes accountability of production and higher ethical standards.


Brands are committed to animal-free production. Those who adhere to strict vegan philosophies can safely enjoy.

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